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Partners’ message

Aqualand is proud to sponsor Tang: treasures from the Silk Road capital. We believe that preserving history and culture is integral to enriching our everyday lives.

It was very timely for us to begin our association with the Art Gallery of NSW with this particular exhibition, as we are currently working on the restoration of the ancient city of Luoyang in China, following the design principals of the Sui and Tang dynasties.

We aim to inspire life by thinking with our hearts and our heads, and by going that little bit further. We understand that to have an enriched community requires strong support from the business world. Aqualand is committed to supporting the arts and culture and we are pleased to be able to help the Gallery bring this fantastic experience to the people of Australia.

Mr Jin Lin
Managing director

Presenting partner

VisAsia is proud to sponsor this exhibition, which transports audiences to a remarkable moment of Chinese imperial history. Tang: treasures from the Silk Road capital highlights the art and craftsmanship through 135 artefacts discovered from and around the cosmopolitan capital of Tang dynasty, Chang’an (present-day Xi’an).

VisAsia works collaboratively with the Art Gallery of New South Wales to further the understanding of Asian cultures through visual arts, and is delighted to be involved in bringing this first Tang exhibition to Australia. We hope you enjoy this wonderful exhibition.

Warwick Johnson

Philanthropic partner
VisAsia Council