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Rosemary Laing, brumby mound #6 2003. Gift of Andrew Cameron 2011, Art Gallery of NSW collection © Rosemary Laing

Rosemary Laing

Australia, b1959
A highly regarded contemporary photographer, Laing is one of Australia’s highest profile artists internationally. She is part of a long line of artists who have examined place as a key way in which we experience a sense of identity in Australia. Her works often appear digitally altered, but the events, objects and landscapes are all meticulously staged in the places they are photographed.

brumby mound #6 2003

Laing stages her large-scale colour photographs, often introducing signs of human activity into a natural environment. In this work from the series one dozen unnatural disasters in the Australian landscape, the incongruous fact of finding furniture in the Australian outback echoes the disorienting sense of space and time that has often marked non-Indigenous encounters with the desert landscape.

On display until 2 September 2011.

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