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The enemy at home: German internees in WWI Australia

Museum of Sydney
Until 11 September
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When nearly 7000 people of German and Austrian descent were interned in Australia during World War I, talented Bavarian photographer Paul Dubotzki was among them.

His photographs tell an extraordinary story of internees from all walks of life who transformed their situation in detention with ingenuity, industry and determination. Dobotzki’s striking images provide a rare and surprising snapshot of the theatrical and musical events, small business activity and sports that boosted the inmates’ spirits.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut

Part of Berlin Sydney, in association with the exhibition The mad square: modernity in German art 1910-37 at the Art Gallery of NSW

Photograph from The Enemy at Home exhibition

Walter Himmelmann as the leading lady in Der Weg zue Hölle (The path to hell). Photo: Paul Dubotzki (attrib) c1918, Dubotzki collection, Germany