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Bruno Taut: master architect in colourful Berlin

Goethe-Institut, Woollahra
8 August – 28 October 2011

Bruno Taut is one of the most eminent architects of German modernism and one of the early members of the German Werkbund. On the occasion of his 125th birthday, the Berlin Werkbund dedicated this exhibition of his most important projects to him.

Taut’s residential settlements in Berlin set architectural and urban design standards. He reformed the notion of housing by utilising meticulous details and incorporating exterior spaces into the housing units.

Bruno Taut: master architect in colourful Berlin systematically presents Taut’s housing projects and residential settlements in that city and its immediate vicinity. The individual projects are considered with regard to their phase of realisation, their later modifications and their present-day state.

An exhibition by Wilfried Brenne Architects, presented by the Goethe-Institut

Part of Berlin Sydney, in association with the exhibition The mad square: modernity in German art 1910-37 at the Art Gallery of NSW

A Bruno Taut housing project

Courtesy Winfried Brenne Architects