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Jacky Redgate
the logic of vision

Jacky Redgate Light throw (mirrors) #1 2009, printed 2011, from the series Light throw (mirrors), type C photograph, 126 × 158 cm, purchased with funds provided by the Photography Collection Benefactors Program 2011 © Jacky Redgate

This exhibition of works by Jacky Redgate from the Gallery’s collection surveys the artist’s creative trajectory from the 1980s until now.

Suspended in tense moments of imprecision, Redgate’s body of work asks the viewer to question what things are and what they can be. In her hands, photographs appear as objects, objects look like sculptures, and sculptures are rendered invisible.

Reflecting on the traditions of modernity in particular, Redgate enquires into the technological, scientific, philosophical and aesthetic ideas that we have inherited. While pulling these apart, she also demonstrates that there is a positive, poetic value in such deconstruction, as can be seen in her seductively mysterious photograph Light throw (mirrors) #1 2009.

Part of the Gallery’s program Focus on contemporary 2012

2 Jun – 9 Sep 2012

Free admission

Photography gallery