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until 2 Feb 2020

The first major survey exhibition in a decade of one of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary artists.

Where we all live

until 9 Feb 2020

These visually minimal works by Rusty Peters, Phyllis Thomas and Peter Newry allude to an exceptionally complex layering of philosophy.


until 9 Feb 2020

In projects involving Australian artists Ben Quilty and Claudia Nicholson, young people who have experienced displacement and upheaval share their stories through art.

Making art public
50 years of Kaldor Public Art Projects

until 16 Feb 2020

Celebrates one of the world’s most ambitious public art initiatives and revisits some of the most iconic large-scale artworks to have been presented in Australia.

Japan supernatural

until 8 Mar 2020

Discover a fascinating world in an exhibition like no other, featuring over 180 wildly imaginative works by Japanese artists past and present.

The allure of harbour and home.

Discover the story behind the Gallery’s unfinished front facade.

In one drop of water

until Dec 2020

Explores the significance of water in Asian art through a range of works from the Gallery’s collection.