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Brett Whiteley
sculptures and ceramics

Left to right: Brett Whiteley Totem (white female), Totem I (black – the get laid totem) and Totem II (tan female) 1978-88 (detail) © Wendy Whiteley

Sculpture is one of the most important but least recognised aspects of Brett Whiteley’s oeuvre. Employing a diversity of materials – wood, bronze, plaster, ceramics, fibreglass and found objects – Whiteley created startlingly expressive three-dimensional works largely inspired by his love of nature and its animate forms.

He stated that his interest in sculpture came from its dialogue with or 'bounce between’ painting. The two mediums constantly informed each other, with discoveries in one finding their expression in the other.

Brett Whiteley: sculptures and ceramics explores this vital relationship, showing Whiteley’s extraordinary gift for form was not limited to the pencil and brush, but extended into the transmutation of matter. Giraffes, sharks, pelicans and wrens populate the exhibition space, as well as sensitive, curvilinear distortions of the human figure.

Note: exhibition extended until December 2015.

Principal sponsor
J.P. Morgan

5 Jun – 6 Dec 2015

10am – 4pm

Friday – Sunday only
Free admission made possible by J.P. Morgan

For education groups
Wednesday, Thursday
Bookings required
Charges apply

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills