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ARTEXPRESS 2015 Story Spheres Part 2

Published in collaboration with Google, these Story Spheres present 360-degree imagery of the ARTEXPRESS 2015 exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. They’re built using a platform that enables people to explore the exhibition online, even if they can’t make it to the Gallery in person.

Click on a Story Sphere to see various angles from within the exhibition space and listen to commentary from some of the young artists on display.

If you’re viewing a Story Sphere on a Google Cardboard-compatible device, and own a Google Cardboard Headset, toggle to cardboard view for a VR experience.

Story Spheres uses experimental technology and is supported by iOS8, Android v5 and desktop Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

Story Sphere 6

Includes audio from Marina Cordeiro-Krahe, Ruby May Weir

Story Sphere 7

Includes audio from Angus Cochrane, Gabrielle Holmes

Story Sphere 8

Includes audio from Jordan Abram, Gabrielle Holmes, Thomas Hugh Kusturin, Tully Palmer

Story Sphere 9

Includes audio from Will Canning, Li-Hsien Lee, Keira McLoskey

Story Sphere 10

Includes audio from Jordan Abram, Will Canning, Ashley Curtis, Keira McLoskey, Tully Palmer, Alexia Psaltis

Story Sphere 11

Includes audio from Barney Swan

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