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Artist experiences

Step into the creative hands of a practicing artist and be inspired to look at and think about art through their eyes. Our engaging and skilful artist educators are professionals working across a range of art disciplines. Let them take you on an art journey using artist-devised experiences to stimulate critical and creative thinking and imaginative responses.

Let us do the organising for you: choose one of the following artist-devised experiences to inspire your students to think, talk and make art with confidence.

Syllabus links: Visual Arts: artmaking, art criticism, art history

Artist practice

See the world through the eyes of an artist. What material and conceptual choices do artists make? Find new ways of seeing and build confidence with contemporary art practices.

Shock of the old

An art journey through time to unpack how artists have interpreted their world. Discover the wonders of the Gallery’s collection of art and how the meaning of art changes and evolves throughout history.

Identity plus

Explore the art world through the complexities of cultures and heritage. How do artists respond to place and cultural identity?

Snap: imaging our world

Taking inspiration from photography exhibitions, explore contemporary and traditional approaches to photography to discover how artists interpret the world around them.

Additional syllabus links: Photography and Digital Media: critically and historically interpret photographic and digital works

Naala ngara: look, listen, think

Connect with the diversity and strength of Indigenous art practices across the country. Consider and respond to historical and contemporary issues and ideas which inform artists and their work.

Additional syllabus links: Aboriginal studies: Aboriginal identities, Aboriginal autonomy, Aboriginal visual arts

Word play

Explore how artists play with imaginative and visual text to communicate information, ideas, feelings and viewpoints. Discover narratives through signs, symbols and text as visual language.

Additional syllabus links: English: thinking imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically

Under the spotlight: exhibitions in focus

Discover the artworks, themes and narratives in our highlighted exhibitions throughout the year, which we’ve listed below. What is the thinking behind the selection of works? What is the role of the curator? And how does an exhibition aim to inspire an audience?

Unpainting in focus
9 September 2017 – 12 August 2018
See Unpainting

21st Biennale of Sydney in focus
16 March – 11 June 2018
See 21st Biennale of Sydney

Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial in focus
7 July – 21 October 2018
See Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2018

Spacemakers and roomshakers
14 July – 21 October 2018
See Spacemakers and roomshakers

Program details
Stages 4-6
Choose a 60-minute or longer session with an art-making focus
60/90/120-min duration
$165/$180/$225 per 15 students
plus exhibition entrance fee when stated