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A Silk Road kids adventure

Yu Hong was a Central Asian diplomat born in an era when cultural interactions thrived along the famed Silk Road. The Silk Road was a series of trade routes that covered over 6000 km from China to Europe. These routes were important because traders and travellers helped spread ideas, culture, inventions and products across a vast area.

Yu Hong was one of these travellers. His sarcophagus (coffin) was discovered in northern China in 1999. The decorative carvings portray heroic stories and scenes of paradise. The marble panels were once brightly coloured, but have faded over time.

Print the activity sheet PDF or the images below. Hint: if you’d like to print the image only, right-click on it and select save, then print it.

Colour the panel to show how it might have looked over 1400 years ago.

Design your own panel that shows your heroes and your ideal world.

Download A Silk Road kids adventure as PDF

Download A Silk Road kids adventure as PDF (PDF 1.1 MB)

A Silk Road saga

22 Aug – 10 Nov 2013

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