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Permanent galleries

Artworks from our collection are displayed in our ‘permanent galleries’. These are rooms in the building that are dedicated to particular areas of art – see the floorplan – and they make up most of the Gallery’s space.

The artworks in these rooms usually stay on display for many months or years, although the time varies for each piece depending, for example, on how fragile it is, how popular or significant it is, and the other works that are on display or waiting their turn.

We also have a study room for drawings, prints, photographs and watercolours as well as printing plates and artists sketchbooks. You can make a booking to see these artworks, which are more sensitive to possible damage than paintings and sculptures if on long-term display.

It is free to visit the permanent galleries and the study room.

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Inside the Yiribana Gallery

Inside the Yiribana Gallery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art