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Departure of the Orient - Circular Quay



Charles Conder

England, Australia

24 Oct 1868 - 09 Feb 1909


Arriving in Australia as an adolescent in 1884, Charles Conder became one of the key founders of the Heidelberg school of Australian impressionism. He returned to Europe six years later to become a legendary figure of the fin de siècle, mixing with leading artists and writers including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Oscar Wilde.

Exhibited in Sydney in 1888, 'Departure of the Orient – Circular Quay' was Conder’s impressive artistic debut. With its silvery-grey tonality, contrasted with touches of brilliant colour, the work reflects the influence of Whistler and the principles of Aesthetic painting. Conder’s interest in Japanese art – or Whistler-inspired Japonisme – with its large, empty spaces, is also paramount.

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Other Titles

Departure of S.S. "Orient" from Circular Quay, Sydney

Departure of the 'Orient'

The Departure of Orient Steamer

Departure of S.S. Orient

Departure of SS. Orient

Departure of S.S. "Orient" from Circular Quay, Sydney

Departure of the S.S. Orient

Departure of the s.s. Orient - Circular Quay

Departure of the 'Orient' - Circular Quay

Place where the work was made

Sydney New South Wales Australia



Media category


Materials used

oil on canvas


45.1 x 50.1 cm stretcher; 67.0 x 72.0 x 7.8 cm frame

Signature & date

Signed and dated l.l. corner, incised "CHAS CONDER/ SYDNEY/ 1888".
Signed and dated l.l. corner, red oil "CHAS CONDER/ SYDNEY/ 1888".


Purchased 1888

Accession number


Artist information

Charles Conder

Artist profile

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Where the work was made

Shown in 22 exhibitions

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Referenced in 80 publications


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