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Five bells



John Olsen

Australia, England, Spain, Portugal

21 Jan 1928 -


Five bells was my first commission to paint in situ to cover a wall … I didn’t hesitate. I brushed a line around the core theme, the seed-burst, the life-burst, the sea-harbour, the source of life. Inside and around this core, I painted images drawn from metaphors and similes in [Kenneth] Slessor’s poem of our harbour city, and from my own emotional and physical involvement with the harbour, and with my young family in Watsons Bay …

I wanted to show the Harbour as a movement, a sea suck, and the sound of the water as though I am part of the sea ... The painting says directly what I wanted to say: ‘I am in the sea-harbour, and the sea-harbour is in me’.

John Olsen, 1999


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Five Bells John Olsen Magnet

6.5cm wide x 6.5cm high


Five Bells John Olsen Silk Square Scarf

110.0cm wide x 110.0cm high





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Materials used

oil on hardboard


264.5 x 274.0 cm board

Signature & date

Signed and dated l.r.corner, black oil paint "John Olsen '63".


Purchased with funds provided by the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales 1999

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Artist information

John Olsen

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Referenced in 30 publications


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