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Sydney Students Speak: abstract and contemporary artworks in the AGNSW collection

Sydney Students Speak: abstract and contemporary artworks in the AGNSW collection

Explore different abstract or contemporary artworks each week

In this series of short talks, students from Sydney’s art schools and universities share their picks from the Gallery’s collection.

This year, coinciding with the Archibald Prize, we focus not on portraits but on works of art in which there are no faces at all.

Portraits allow us to tell stories about the sitter, the surrounding studio and maybe even the relationship between painter and subject. But how does one talk about abstract or conceptual art – art that has no apparent familiarity to the people and places around us?

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01 Sydney Students Speak - Matthys Gerber’s 'Slavedriver' 2003

Jennifer Min spoke about Matthys Gerber’s 'Slavedriver’ 2003. Jennifer is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in gender and cultural studies. After several years of a combined arts/medicine degree, she made the decision to change course in order to pursue her passion for art. After completing her current degree, she plans to study fine arts overseas.

Image: 2015 Sydney students speak.

02 Sydney Students Speak - Sydney Ball's 'Great falls' 1975-76

Kate Fanning speaks about Sydney Ball’s 'Great falls’ 1975-76. Kate completed her Bachelor of Arts in art history and theory at the University of Sydney and is currently doing her masters in art curating there. She has interned internationally at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and is currently completing an internship at the Art Gallery of NSW for the upcoming summer exhibition 'The Greats’.

Image: 2015 Sydney students speak.

03 Sydney Students Speak - Erwin Fabian's 'Enclosure' 1977-79

Emma Fowler speaks about Erwin Fabian’s 'Enclosure’ 1977-79. Emma was born and bred in Canada, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University in 2013. Passionate about museum education and community engagement, she is now undertaking a Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership at UNSW Art & Design. Emma also interns at UNSW Galleries and occasionally teaches children’s art workshops in Maroubra.

Image: 2015 Sydney students speak