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Audio: Sydney moderns

Find out more about a selection of the artists and artworks in the Sydney moderns exhibition (6 July – 7 October 2013). Click on the linked artwork to find out if it is currently on display in the Gallery.

Margaret Preston Implement blue 1927

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1. Grace Cossington Smith The curve of the bridge 1:54 view the work
2. Roland Wakelin Down the hills to Berry's Bay 1:57 view the work
3. Roy de Maistre Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor 2:10 view the work
4. Roy de Maistre (Colour music) 1:43 view the work
5. Josef Franz Haydn Trio in B flat Major for piano and strings 5:34 view the work audio transcript
6. Thea Proctor The rose 2:15 view the work
7. Margaret Preston Implement blue 2:26 view the work
8. Grace Cossington Smith The Lacquer Room 2:13 view the work
9. 1:27
10. Grace Cossington Smith Sea Wave 2:03 view the work
11. Max Dupain Silos through windscreen 2:03 view the work
12. Dorrit Black Nocturne, Wynyard Square 1:53 view the work
13. Eric Wilson Abstract - the kitchen stove 1:59 view the work
14. Ralph Balson Construction in green 2:18 view the work
15. Frank Hinder Subway escalator 1:59 view the work