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Image: A royal siyah mashq, Iran 19th century CE / 13th century AH (detail). Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Photo © Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

16 Tracks
01 Do portraits require posing?
02 Artist panel discussion with Claudia Chan Shaw

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

As part of the City of Sydney 2016 Chinese New Year Festival, the heart of the city came to life with a series of lantern-inspired installations representing animals of the Chinese zodiac.

In this special panel discussion, artists Laurens Tan (monkey design), Tianli Zu (ox design) and Dongwang Fan (dragon design) speak with the 2016 festival curator, Claudia Chan Shaw, about the inspiration and concept behind each of their lantern designs.

03 The beauty of Islamic calligraphy by Heba Nayel Barakat

The beauty of Islamic calligraphy
By Heba Nayel Barakat

Dr Heba Nayel Barakat, head of curatorial at the Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia, is an expert on Islamic art and the author of the publications 'Rhythm and verses’ and’ Masterpieces of Persian calligraphy’.

In this lecture, which coincided with the opening of the exhibition 'Beyond words: calligraphic traditions of Asia’, Dr Barakat traced the religious significance of calligraphy through to its most poetic abstraction.

Image: 'A royal siyah mashq’, Iran, 19th century CE / 13th century AH (detail), Islamic. Photo © Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

04 Sol LeWitt: arcs and tangents

Janet Passehl, curator of the LeWitt Collection, takes a behind-the-scenes look at the life and art of Sol LeWitt (America, 1928–2007), one of the most influential artists of his generation.

Passehl worked with LeWitt in Chester, Connecticut, USA, during the last 17 years of his life, and she continues to work for the LeWitt family. In this lecture, she will provide unique access into LeWitt’s studio practice and his methods for developing structures and wall drawings through working drawings, with a focus on works in the Art Gallery of NSW collection. Glimpses of his home, studio, the art collection warehouse, the diaries he carried everywhere from 1969 to 1993, and rarely seen early work will be included. Passehl will also address LeWitt’s passion for collecting and showcasing work by more than 700 artists whom he encountered in his daily life and his travels abroad.

Image: Sol LeWitt Arcs from four corners 1986 (detail) © Estate of Sol LeWitt/ARS. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney

05 Dr Cody Hartley: Georgia O'Keeffe - art and life
06 Dr Carolyn Kastner: Georgia O’Keeffe - abstraction and the natural world
07 Christina Neilson: The art of Andrea del Verrocchio - Materiality and experimentation
08 Isaac Julien: Looking for Langston
09 Maria Myers AC: Kimberley rock art - an historic treasure
10 Hannah Fink: The life and art of Bronwyn Oliver
11 Ashley Dawson-Damer AM: The mystery of Marie Antoinette
12 Life and art with Louise Bourgeois
13 Jo McDonald: Australia’s Rock Art - Connecting our deep past with the future
14 Charlotte Smith: The roaring twenties
15 Helen Ennis: Olive Cotton - A life in Photography
16 Julie Ewington: New Zealand art now