Kids audio tour

Explore a world of art, including Australian art from colonial to present day, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, old masters, Asian and contemporary art. Suitable for 5-12 year olds (with an adult).

Welcome to the Kids tour

112. Sir Joshua Reynolds Stephen Croft

113. Harriet Hosmer Puck on a toadstool

114. Charles Birch Retaliation

115. William Henry Margetson The Sea Hath Its Pearls

116. Briton Rivière Requiescat


118. Sir Edward John Poynter The visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon

120. Nasreddine Dinet The snake charmer

210. Eugene von Guérard Sydney Heads

211. Julian Ashton The prospector

213. WC Piguenit The flood in the Darling 1890

214. Tom Roberts The Golden Fleece

215. Tom Roberts Bailed up

217. George W Lambert Across the black soil plains

220. George W Lambert Holiday in Essex

221. Elioth Gruner Spring frost

311. Rusty Peters Waterbrain

315. Ginger Riley Munduwalawala Nyamiyukanji, the river country

316. Pedro Wonaeamirri Tutini (Pukumani grave posts)

317. John Mawurndjul Buluwana

318. John Mawurndjul Mardayin ceremony

319. Judy Watson red tides

322. Kutuwulumi Purawarrumpatu Untitled

323. Ronnie Tjampitjinpa Untitled

324. Dr David Malangi Gunmirringu funeral scene

325. Dr David Malangi River mouth map

410. Grace Cossington Smith The curve of the bridge

411. Charles Meere Australian beach pattern

413. Sidney Nolan The camp

415. John Olsen Five bells

417. Jeffrey Smart Matisse at Ashford

510. A pair of tomb guardian figures

511. Chinese scholar's set

516. Japanese art sword and court mount 1751

517. Nô theatre costume

610. Alberto Giacometti Woman of Venice VII

611. Anselm Kiefer Von den Verlorenen gerührt, die der Glaube nicht trug, erwachen die Trommeln im Fluss

616. Giulio Paolini L'altra figura

620. Callum Morton Motormouth

621. Sir Tony Cragg Spyrogyra

622. Ricky Swallow Killing Time

623. Simryn Gill Forest

624. Sol LeWitt Wall drawing #1091: arcs, circles and bands (room) 2003

625. Christo Two Wrapped Trees

626. Jeff Koons White terrier

627. Nam June Paik TV cello

628. Bernd Becher, Hilla Becher Framework houses

629. Richard Long Southern gravity