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Explore works from our European collection. Click on the linked artwork to find out if it is currently on display in the Gallery.

Jacques Blanchard Mars and the vestal virgin 1638 (detail)

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119. Ford Madox Brown Chaucer at the court of Edward III 6:26 view the work
121. Alphonse de Neuville The defence of Rorke's Drift 1879 6:14 view the work
125. Jacques Blanchard Mars and the vestal virgin 5:07 view the work
126. François Boucher A young lady holding a pug dog 4:34 view the work
127. Claude Lorrain Pastoral landscape 4:36 view the work
129. Sano di Pietro Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome, John the Baptist, Bernardino and Bartholomew 5:14 view the work
130. Sir Peter Paul Rubens Constantius appoints Constantine as his successor 5:14 view the work
128. Évariste Vital Luminais The sons of Clovis II 6:26 view the work
131. François Sallé The anatomy class at the École des beaux-arts 5:34 view the work