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Curator insights - Contemporary galleries

Explore works from our contemporary collection. Click on the linked artwork to find out if it is currently on display in the Gallery.

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630. Sol LeWitt Wall drawing #337: Two part drawing. The wall is divided vertically into two parts. Each part is divided horizontally and vertically into four equal parts. 1st part: Lines in four directions, one direction in each quarter. 2nd part: Lines in four directions, superimposed progressively. 3:16 view the work
636. Donald Judd Untitled 3:01 view the work
637. Carl Andre Steel-copper plain 3:06 view the work
638. Ugo Rondinone what do you want? 3:06 view the work
643. Frank Stella Untitled 2:54 view the work
639. Francis Alÿs Sleepers II 3:35 view the work
645. Yves Klein Portrait relief PR3 (portrait of Claude Pascal) 3:06 view the work
646. Rebecca Horn Pendulum with emu egg 2:47 view the work
647. Sir Anish Kapoor Void field 3:00 view the work
648. Joseph Kosuth One and three tables 2:28 view the work
649. Fiona Hall Cash crop 2:34 view the work
650. Ron Mueck Untitled (old woman in bed) 3:10 view the work
651. Richard Deacon Listening to reason 2:31 view the work
652. Richard Serra Plate pole prop 2:37 view the work