Art Express 2014

Listen to the student artists talk about works in the 2014 Art Express exhibition

Blue sky minds Mackenzie Baran

The imaginarium of the modernist aesthetic Reannine Barlow

Dreaming deeply Lucinda Bell

Imprints Georgina Clark

Transcendence Sophie Everingham

Genesis Georgia Ewin

All the world's a stage... Genevieve Graham

Immersion Joshua Gregson

The exquisite muse of sorrow Jessica Hodge

Syncretism Marcus James

Tainted insight Tyler Kuulkers

Dancing with the devil Maya Le Bransky

Beneath the surface Jiamei Liu

The observers Callan Micallef

Alluring night Sharmistha Sarkar

Birds on a wire Millie Webber

Arabesque Tahryn Whately

Painting - product or process? Georgina Whatmore

Now stopping Harrison Witsey

Carnival of the harlequin Thomas Woodhead

Skeletons of cities past Nicholas Woolley