Art Express 2013

Listen to the student artists and curator Leeanne Carr talk about works in the 2013 Art Express exhibition

Suburban solace Mark Barnaville

First world problems Cindy Chee

Double think Aoife Coleman-Clarke

Babel Rachel Cronin

An altered environment Edward Dooley

Vadallat (wild animal) Francesca Fox

Conscience vote India Gates

Epoch Tom LIttle

Love the home you're in Lochlan Howard

My blanket Allara La Ferla

After Leonardo Alexis O'connor

Self-deception Tessa Magliano

Observations of forgotten pastimes John Nguyen

Inveniret Libertatem Laura Payne

Days of our still lives kit Ella Sanderson

Wx12415, 5/400049 Greta Saggus

Social tapestry Josie Stevens

Birds of a feather Lilli Stromland

Sweet simplicity Milli Wheeler

Before dawn Sam Wickham

Ephemeral Zoe Zhao