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The hidden language of art: symbol and allusion - Art appreciation lecture series 2018

The hidden language of art: symbol and allusion - Art appreciation lecture series 2018

In 2018, the Art Gallery Society of NSW’s art appreciation lecture series will explore the visual clues behind some of the world’s great masterpieces: the mythologies of East and West, for example, that inspired painters from Titian to Anselm Kiefer and Grayson Perry; fabled Mughal gardens; the subtle gestures of Renaissance Madonnas; sacred geometry in Rome; Enigmatic Velázquez; Hogarth’s moral mazes; forgotten histories, personal secrets and coded connotations.

Image: Francois Boucher The Rape of Europa c1732–34 (detail). Wallace Collection, London, UK / Bridgeman Images

35 Tracks
01 Michael Brand: Gardens and pavilions - politics and symbolism in the Mughal landscape
02 Cara Pinchbeck: Aboriginal bark painting - the Macassan connection
03 Louise Marshall: Balancing the (heavenly) books - Giotto’s arena chapel
04 Peter Kohane: Ancient Greece - the invention of the classical orders
05 Louise Marshall: Not just a pretty picture - understanding gesture in Renaissance Madonnas
06 Melanie Eastburn: Peacemaker, hero, warrior, lover - the many lives of Vishnu
07 Anne Dunlop: Clues, hidden symbolism and early Renaissance art
08 Michael Hill: Rebirth in Caravaggio’s 'Conversion of Saint Paul'
09 Alisa Bunbury: The strange world of Albrecht Dürer
10 Lorraine Kypiotis: Secrets of the Sistine - Michelangelo’s triumph and torment
11 Michael Hill: Geometry and light in San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
12 Lisa Beaven: The enigma of Velázquez’s 'Las Meninas'
13 Mark Ledbury: Abducting Europa - metamorphosis and misadventure in art
14 Christopher Allen: Nicolas Poussin - 'Peintre Philosophe'
15 Olivia Meehan: The concealed iconography of Japanese Christians in the 17th century
16 Steven Miller: A window on to heaven - optical illusions and allusions in Baroque Rome
17 Georgina Cole: Modern morality in Hogarth and Gainsborough
18 Mark Ledbury: 'Vertu et Patrie' - David, Neoclassicism and the Revolution
19 Amanda Peacock: River stories - the art of Australian waters
20 Angela Hesson: Desire, devotion, longing - symbols of love 1700-1900
21 Alison Inglis: Victorian painting - uncovering forgotten narratives
22 Denise Mimmocchi: Symbolism and the 'femme fatale'
23 Victoria Carruthers: Dorothea Tanning and surrealism
24 Terence Maloon: Picasso and 'the unknown masterpiece'
25 Deborah Edwards: Sidney Nolan - decoding the embodied landscape
26 Kendrah Morgan: The iconography of Arthur Boyd
27 Chaitanya Sambrani: Woman as national allegory in modern Indian and Indonesian art
28 Jaime Tsai: Seeing desire - Marcel Duchamp’s 'Étant Donnés'
29 Jonathan Jones: Following the line - understanding south-east art practices
30 Jason Smith: Louise Bourgeois - the subject of pain is the business I am in
31 Jane Clark: Anselm Kiefer - master of myth
32 Wayne Tunnicliffe: Identity, displacement, loss and redemption - the art of Imants Tillers
33 Rachel Kent: Grayson Perry - truths and beliefs
34 Daniel Mudie Cunningham: Performing pop culture in Australian art
35 Lisa Slade: A present past