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Being human: The figure in art - Art appreciation lecture series 2019

Being human: The figure in art - Art appreciation lecture series 2019

In 2019, the Society’s Art Appreciation lecture series will study how we look at ourselves and in what ways. With the nude we embody physical beauty and human frailty: the ancient Greeks, Rubens, Lucian Freud. The portrait reveals personality and power: Van Dyck, Gainsborough, Picasso. Social revolution, political upheaval and protest all find expression in the human form.

Image: Charles Meere Australian beach pattern 1940 (detail). Art Gallery of New South Wales © Charles Meere Estate/Copyright Agency 2018

34 Tracks
01 Maud Page: Multiple art histories and their depiction of the figure – Pacific and beyond
02 Mark Ledbury: The human hand and the art of the caves
03 Christopher Allen: Classical Greek sculpture: between idea and experience
04 Louise Marshall: Absence and presence: visualising the Resurrection of Christ
05 Charlotte Galloway: A Buddha for every age
06 Louise Marshall: The hedgehog saint and the walking dead: escaping the plague in Renaissance Italy
07 Peter Kohane: The human body and Renaissance architecture: the works of Alberti, Michelangelo and Palladio
08 Lisa Beaven: The shock of the nude: sex, love and marriage in the Renaissance
09 Michael Hill: Bernini - figurative love, from body to spirit
10 Peter Raissis: Rubens - flesh and fury
11 Cara Pinchbeck: From where we stand - the positioning of Aboriginal people in photography
12 Lorraine Kypiotis: Leonardo - mind, body and soul
13 Anne Dunlop: Gloriana’s frocks - Tudor and Stuart portraits
14 Jessica Priebe: Farewell to the wet nurse: images of childhood and family in Enlightenment France
15 Mark Ledbury: Beautiful bodies and perfect societies - Neo-classical fantasies
16 Peter McNeil: Pretty Gentlemen - Macaroni men and the 18th century body revolution
17 Georgina Cole: Gainsborough, Reynolds, and the art of rivalry
18 Mark Ledbury: Wreck - Géricault and the body in pieces
19 Alison Inglis: Reading faces and figures in the 19th century - from caricature to phrenology
20 Anna Gray: The Edwardians - fair women and flamboyant men
21 Michael Hill: Rodin’s abject and fragmented bodies
22 Steven Miller: Bacon and Freud - taking humanity to the limits
23 Jaime Tsai: Liberated bodies - Surrealism and gender ambiguity
24 Andrew Yip: Embedding the figure - war art, games and virtual reality
25 Josephine Touma: The women that shaped Picasso’s nudes
26 Anne Ryan: Life classes - drawing the nude in Australia
27 Peter Kohane: Matter and light - a human being, abstract expressionism and architecture
28 Wayne Tunnicliffe: Returning your gaze: the male nude in Australian art 1880 – 1980
29 Mikala Tai: Courting controversy: the figure and its audiences
30 Melanie Eastburn: More than human - supernatural bodies in Japanese art
31 Isobel Parker Philip: Feeling from afar: touch, tactility and the photographic image
32 Zara Stanhope: Gordon Bennett: the body politic
33 Denise Mimmocchi: Superhuman - realism in the modern age
34 Jackie Dunn: The performing body: artist as subject