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	Image: Nina Funnell

Vivid Art After Hours

Come closer… a revealing look at sex and pleasure

Over three successive Wednesdays, Vivid will take over the Gallery to create an intimate portrait of our better selves.

Tonight, on the last of these evenings, it’s time to talk about sex. Let’s go under the covers to explore female sexuality and the role of pleasure. Linger after all the intellectual stimulation for drinks and live music. While you’re here, catch the Archibald Prize – a snapshot of the people who are important to us and capture our imaginations.

The 5.30pm exhibition talk with Isobel Parker Philip, as well as the panel discussion at 6.30pm will be Auslan interpreted.

Part of Vivid Art After Hours, a series of talks and music programmed by Vivid over three Wednesday nights to create an intimate portrait of our better selves.

Image: Nina Funnell

Wednesdays 13 June 2018, 5-10pm


No bookings required

Entry to the Gallery is free as well. If you want to visit Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2018, you’ll need to buy an exhibition ticket.

For other events tonight, see the full Art After Hours listing

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Vivid Auslan

Exhibition talk: Hold still

Isobel Parker Philip

Art Gallery of NSW curator of photography Isobel Parker Philip invites you to look at the new exhibition Hold still: the photographic performance, which examines the way a camera turns any subject into a performer and any scenario into a theatrical act. Isobel will discuss, among other things, the sexual politics of the pose and the way conventional gestures objectify and sexualise the female body. If the camera choreographs its subject, how are contemporary artists subverting this power dynamic?

This talk will be Auslan interpreted.

Image: Isobel Parker Philip


Wednesday 13 June 2018 5:30pm – 6pm

Location: Modern gallery

Panel: Here’s what you really want to know about sex

  • Wendy Syfret and Georgia Grace*

VICE Media Australia’s Wendy Syfret gives us a sneak peek into the girl’s locker room and asks why many of them are having less sex than their parents. She wants to know why marriage is still popular, what motivates young women now and finds out – if they are not having sex – what tickles their fancy.

The Indigo Project’s Georgia Grace is a sex educator and intimacy coach who wants you to discover more pleasure, both inside and outside the bedroom. Georgia unravels the anatomy of female sensuality, sexuality and the ownership of pleasure. She shares her top tricks and tools to help you get back in touch with your body, desires and what takes you to that edge. This is a chance to let go of fear and shame so you can enjoy sex to connect, converse and express yourself.

This talk will be Auslan interpreted.

Image: Wendy Syfret


Wednesday 13 June 2018 6:30pm – 7pm

Location: Entrance court

Live music: Haiku Hands

Haiku Hands have a whole lot of attitude – individually bossy, collectively strong. Ringleaders Beatrice Lewis, Claire Nakazawa and Mie Nakazawa curate Haiku Hands collaborate with some of Australia’s finest singers, writers and producers to perform genre-bending unconventional pop, dance, electronic magic.

Hailing from Sydney and Melbourne, Haiku Hands established their presence with the tongue-in-cheek, rave-inspired Not about you, which was ‘undeniably one of the best Australian debuts of the year’ (Purple Sneakers), and Jupiter, ‘a super-soaker spraying away everything bland with colour, fun and so much groove’ (Declan Byrne, Triple J Unearthed).

With an unquenchable thirst for good times and indulgence in all things art and pop, Haiku Hands pull together numerous talents to create something original and off-the-wall, an unlikely but brilliant fusion of dance party and performance art.

Image: Haiku Hands


Wednesday 13 June 2018 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Entrance court