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	Erhu image by dalbera

Traditional Chinese music performances

The sounds of the erhu, yangqin and human voice

Discover the mesmerising sound of the erhu 二胡, a two-string instrument, or simply take pleasure in a selection of arias ranging from folk to opera.


1. Traditional Chinese musical instruments
a. Erhu solo: Horse racing《賽馬》
b. Erhu and yangqin 揚琴: Iridescent cloud chasing the moon《彩雲追月》
c. Erhu and yangqin: excerpts from The butterfly lovers

2. Beijing Opera
a. The intoxicated concubine《貴妃醉酒》
b. Ode to the pear blossom《梨花頌》

3. A selection of songs
a. Where forth the moon be clear and bright《明月幾時有》
b. Excerpt from The white-haired girl: The blowing north wind
c. What a beautiful jasmine flower《好一朵麗的茉莉花》


Henry Cao (曹玉林) is a notable erhu performer and a music graduate from the Capital Normal University (首都師范大學) in Beijing, China. Prior to taking up residency in Australia, he was one of the erhu players in the China Film Philharmonic Orchestra (中國電影樂團). Currently, he is the Director of the Huaxia Folk Music Ensemble (華夏民樂團).

Faye Hong (弘妃) is trained as a Beijing opera singer under the Mei Lanfang School. In the recent past, she has performed for China Central Television and the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Lily Hu (胡磊) is a graduate of The Chinese Conservatory (中國音樂學院) in Beijing, China. She is an established yangqin performer with credits in Chinese film and television.

Erhu image by dalbera

Thursday 24 March 2011, 2.00pm


Duration 1 hour
Location: Function space

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