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	Image: A Seasonal Concepts arrangement

Spectacular still lifes

How to create artistic arrangements

Inspired by the striking, modernist still-life stylings of Georgia O’Keeffe, Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith, floral stylists Ken Wallis and Peta McAlister will create dazzling, large-scale displays incorporating native flowers, skulls, vessels and other curiosities from their treasure trove, Seasonal Concepts.

Ken and Peta will demonstrate techniques for selecting and combining objects, and talk about composing and arranging them for maximum effect.

After the demonstration, their creations will be displayed in the Gallery’s entrance court throughout the evening for you to investigate, sketch and photograph — perhaps inspiring your own marvellous creations at home.

Image: A Seasonal Concepts arrangement

Wednesdays 7pm
16-30 August 2017


No bookings required

Duration 45 minutes
Location: Entrance court

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