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	Image: Nō mask Aka (red) hannya, Edo period, 18th–19th century, National Noh Theatre

Noh to now: traditions and counter-traditions in Japanese performance

Lecture series

Against the backdrop of the exhibition Theatre of dreams, theatre of play: nō and kyōgen in Japan, this series looks at a selection of genres from Japan’s rich spectrum of performing arts.

The lectures reach across centuries — from nō (noh), as a legacy of the middle ages, through to the contemporary phenomenon of Hatsune Miku – to explore both canonised and marginal artforms, and the histories, tensions and paradoxes that have shaped them.

As a whole, the series unpacks Japanese approaches to expression, ultimately offering us new ways of understanding what performance is… or can be.

Sponsored and programmed by the Japan Foundation, Sydney

Image: Nō mask Aka (red) hannya, Edo period, 18th–19th century, National Noh Theatre

Wednesdays 6 pm
23 July and 6-27 August 2014


More information on the Japan Foundation website

Duration 1 hour
Location: Centenary Auditorium

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The Japan Foundation

Occupied bodies: re-thinking the atomic gaze in ankoku butoh

Dr Adam Broinowski, postdoctoral research fellow, School of Culture, History and Language at the Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University


Wednesday 23 July 2014 6pm – 7pm

Noh and the aesthetics of restraint

Naohiko Umewaka, noh master and professor at Shizuoka University of Arts and Culture


Wednesday 6 August 2014 6pm – 7pm

Song, dance, skill: introduction to kabuki

Shun Ikeda, head of the Japan Centre, Australian National University


Wednesday 13 August 2014 6pm – 7pm

Presence and composition: bunraku and virtual diva Hatsune Miku

Dr Yuji Sone, lecturer and performance researcher, Macquarie University


Wednesday 20 August 2014 6pm – 7pm

The allure of gender-bending musical theatre

Dr Leonie Stickland, lecturer in Japanese, Murdoch University, and author Gender gymnastics: performing and consuming Japan’s Takarazuka Revue.


Wednesday 27 August 2014 6pm – 7pm