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Habol ilonggo fashion parade

Celebrate the opening of ‘Passion and procession: art of the Philippines’

Join us for the fun and colour of this fashion parade, which brings together contemporary fashion design from the Philippines and traditional Filipino hand-loomed textiles, including piña, jusi, patadyong, polyabaca, abaca and hablon.

This event will showcase five of that country’s top contemporary designers, and include demonstrations of traditional hand-weaving looms.

It is presented by the Philippine Consulate General, the Philippine Department of Tourism, FLAGCOM (Filipino Lesbian and Gay Community (And Friends) group) and the Art Gallery of NSW on the opening day of the Gallery’s exhibition Passion and procession: art of the Philippines, which is the first exhibition in the Bayanihan Philippine Art Project.

Saturday 24 June 2017, 3pm


No bookings required

Duration 1 hour
Location: Entrance court

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