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	Image: James Newitt Say it like you want it 2012 (detail), production still, image courtesy and © the artist

Exhibition talk: The space between us

Artists and specialists discuss artworks and ideas in the exhibition

Image: James Newitt Say it like you want it 2012 (detail), production still, image courtesy and © the artist

Wednesdays 5.30pm
12 June - 3 July 2013


Duration 30 minutes
Location: Temporary exhibitions gallery

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Kate Mitchell, Anne Landa Award 2013 artist

For Sydney-based artist Kate Mitchell, the idea of art as work and the artist as both manager and worker is important. Her videos document the artist working tirelessly to achieve seemingly reckless and unattainable tasks. While there is a comic quality in her work, the actions make us think about the limits of what is acceptable and normal. Join Kate as she discusses her new work in the exhibition, including A Lucky Break.


Wednesday 12 June 2013 5:30pm – 6pm

Christian Thompson, Anne Landa Award 2013 artist

In recent years, Oxford-based Australian artist Christian Thompson has used sound as his primary artistic medium. Using Bidjara, the language of his own Indigenous cultural heritage, he creates aural experiences that make us think about the transmission and survival of language. Listen to Thompson’s new work Healing Circle (2013) in the exhibition and join the artist in a discussion of his work.


Wednesday 19 June 2013 5:30pm – 6pm

Lauren Brincat, Anne Landa Award 2013 artist

Informed by the conceptual performances of the 1970s, Lauren Brincat’s performances, videos and sculptures draw on the tradition of endurance to show both heroic and private moments. In her video work High horse (2012), the artist stands proudly atop a horse with a tambourine in her hand in a pose inspired by a statue of Joan of Arc. Join Lauren as she discusses both her documented and live performances.


Wednesday 26 June 2013 5:30pm – 6pm

Joel Mu, assistant curator, contemporary art, Art Gallery of NSW

The artists in The space between us are part of a recent turn to performance that has developed as an important aspect of contemporary art and museum practice over the past two decades. Join Joel Mu in a walkthrough and discussion of the works, ideas and actions in the exhibition that define performance art practices today.


Wednesday 3 July 2013 5:30pm – 6pm