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	Image: Carlo Ritchie in The essential Duchamp exhibition at AGNSW 2019. Photo: Jenni Carter, AGNSW

Duchamp’s playground

Co-presented with Concrete Playground

When Marcel Duchamp stuck a bicycle wheel on top of a wooden stool and called it art, he invented the ‘readymade’ artwork—and changed the definition of art forever. But did you know he was also a witty wordsmith, a playful humourist and a serious chess champion? Host Carlo Ritchie (The Bear Pack) leads you through a playful world of Duchampian hijinks across three Wednesday nights: assemble your own readymade, have fun with puns and challenge yourself to chess and other games of strategy in a series of irreverent, interactive happenings. In partnership with Concrete Playground.

Carlo Ritchie is an improviser, comedian and writer from the tumbled hills and winter fog of Glen Innes. One half of acclaimed improv duo The Bear Pack, Carlo has toured extensively both in Australia and abroad, most recently from a sold-out run at London’s Soho Theatre. He is the current Artistic Director of Improv Theatre Sydney (ITS) of which he is a co-founder and one of the few speakers of Wymysorys, a critically endangered langauge of Poland, for which he wrote the first children’s book in his moonlit career as a linguist.

Image: Carlo Ritchie in The essential Duchamp exhibition at AGNSW 2019. Photo: Jenni Carter, AGNSW

Wednesday's 19, 26 June & 3 July 2019, 6-8pm*

*Please note that the start time on June 26 will be 7pm


No bookings required

Duration 2 hours
Location: Entrance court

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Duchamp and the readymade

‘It’s art because I say it is’! Marcel Duchamp challenged the art world’s understanding of what art could be—and now it’s your turn! Assemble your own artworks in this playful workshop exploring Duchamp’s readymades led by comedian and improv artist Carlo Ritchie. Create an artwork from everyday objects, name it and put it on display! Afterwards, sketch your masterpieces or settle with your friends for a board game accompanied by a sweet soul soundtrack from DJ Klasik and a drink from our pop-up bar. Co-hosted by Concrete Playground.


Wednesday 19 June 2019 6pm – 8pm

Duchamp checkmate

Marcel Duchamp spread his own rumour that he had given up art to become a competitive chess player. While this wasn’t quite true, he did compete in tournaments, almost achieving the title of Grandmaster. To celebrate Duchamp’s love of all conceptual games of strategy, Carlo Ritchie gives you permission to play in an evening dedicated to chess and other games. So grab a table and some mates for a good old-fashioned boardgame or try your hand on the giant chess board.

Please note that tonight’s activities will begin at 7pm


Wednesday 26 June 2019 7pm – 9pm

Duchamp word-play

Are you a pun-lover? Love words and wit? Then this word-shop is right up your alley! The titles of Duchamp’s artworks were the real window into his playful and wry sense of humour. Celebrating a love of slippery word play, Carlo Ritchie hosts a series of games including pun pick up lines, word association, improv activities and more in the final edition of Duchamp’s Playground. Join in the workshop or sit back and play classic word board games like Scrabble.


Wednesday 3 July 2019 6pm – 8pm