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Dayan Wild Goose Qigong with Simon Blow

Find out how to cultivate the energy of life with qigong

Qigong is an integral component of Chinese medical health systems, Buddhist, Daoist and Confucius practices and martial arts. The art of qigong consists primarily of meditation, relaxation, physical movement, mind-body integration and breathing exercises. Amongst the thousands of different styles and systems Dayan is an ancient practice developed by Daoist masters about 1,800 years ago in the sacred Kunlun mountains in southwest China. The movements of Dayan which means ‘great bird’ represent the flight of wild geese and have been passed down through many generations.

Simon Blow is a student of Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang, the 28th linage holder and has been a professional qigong teacher (laoshi) since 1992. He has had the great fortune to travel to China on many occasions studying qigong, touring the sacred mountains and experiencing the rich culture. Simon leads regular qigong classes, workshops, retreats and qigong tours to China. He is an author and publisher of numerous books, DVDs and meditation CDs about this ancient healing art.

This event is part of the 2011 City of Sydney Chinese New Year Festival celebrating the Year of the Rabbit.

Sunday 6 February 2011, 10.30am


Duration 30 minutes
Location: Entrance court

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