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	Image: Kiran Shah

Chinese zodiac stories

Meet the dragon and other animals of the Chinese zodiac with storyteller Kiran Shah

Find out how the animals in the Chinese zodiac came about and why a cat is not one of them. Learn which of the 12 Chinese animal signs is your own and what qualities it has. Are you a strong dragon or a soft-spoken snake? Be enthralled as Kiran regales you with other animal tales from Asia.

Kiran has taken 30 years to morph from social worker to early childhood educator, to storyteller, bringing bits of her previous life experiences and Singaporean heritage into her passion for storytelling. She has participated in storytelling festivals in Singapore, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Jakarta and Isle of Skye. Kiran has lived and worked in the US, Japan and Sri Lanka, and has travelled extensively around Asia. She is now delighted to call Australia home and to share tales from Asia and beyond to audiences here.

This event is part of the 2012 City of Sydney Chinese New Year Festival, celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

Image: Kiran Shah

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 January 2012,
12.30pm & 2.30pm


Duration 30 minutes
Location: Lower Asian gallery

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An associated event of
City of Sydney Chinese New Year 2012