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	Image: Venerable Dr Juewei

Buddhist art on China’s Silk Road

An exploration of Dunhuang cave temples with Venerable Dr Juewei

Join the Venerable Dr Juewei for an enlightening talk on the spectacular array of Buddhist cave temples, known as the Magao Grottoes or ‘Caves of the Thousand Buddhas’, in Dunhuang, China.

The Gallery’s exhibition Tang 唐: treasures from the Silk Road capital includes the Pure Land augmented-reality installation, which transports visitors to a now-inaccessible ancient grotto within this UNESCO World Heritage site.

These caves, full of artistic and architectural treasures, bear testimony to the religious, cultural and commercial exchanges along the trade routes linking East and West, especially during the Tang Dynasty (618–907).

The Venerable Dr Juewei is associate lecturer of applied Buddhist studies and director of the Humanistic Buddhism Centre at the Nan Tien Institute – Australia’s first tertiary institution grounded in applied Buddhist wisdom.

Image: Venerable Dr Juewei

Wednesday 4 May 2016, 6.30pm


Duration 30 minutes
Location: Entrance court

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