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	Image: workshop tutor Brenda Tye

Art essentials 2014

With Brenda Tye

A new program, designed for both beginners and more experienced artists wanting to explore the many colours, textures and shapes within the natural world.

We begin from scratch and each month explore different materials with a different subject, using varied approaches and techniques.

Classes are structured initially using a step-by-step process, to build confidence and demonstrate materials. As the day progresses, students are encouraged to broaden their approach to include a more personal interpretation of the subject, with assistance and guidance along the way. When needed, imagery and photos are provided to work with, and you’re welcome to bring some of your own good-quality images too.

Image: workshop tutor Brenda Tye

Various Fridays in 2014, 10.30am–3.30pm
See listing for details

$88 non-member
$78 member
per workshop
$10 extra for 21 February class

Bookings and enquiries: 02 9225 1878

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All materials included unless otherwise stated.

Three full working days (Mon–Fri) notice is required to qualify for a refund. All refunds attract an administration charge of 25% of the ticket price(s) with a minimum charge of $5. Not negotiable.

Duration 5 hours
Location: Art Gallery Society (members lounge)

Experimental drawing and the figure

This month you’ll study the human form – the essential art subject. You’ll draw from a draped and costumed life model, using different approaches and media to explore new ways of seeing and responding to the human form.

Note: total cost for this class is $98 non-member, $88 member due to additional life-model fee



Friday 21 February 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

Drawing with pencil and graphite BOOKED OUT

Explore the versatility of the humble pencil and the dynamic qualities of graphite. By enlarging the scale, you’ll make drawings that exploit mark-making, texture and pattern, while learning how to play with composition, structure and rhythm, which will inform your drawing practice.


Friday 21 March 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

Expression and character with charcoal

Working from a traditional, simple still-life arrangement, you’ll study ways to bring forth expression and your own character through a drawing. Using a medium renowned for its versatility and rich tonal contrasts, you’ll learn how to construct an image with drama and interest, and then how to invest your piece with creativity and imagination, which you can relate to any subject matter.


Friday 23 May 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

The still life: watercolour

Sydney is lucky to have access to an amazing amount of colourful and exotic fruit and vegetables. In this workshop, you’ll make bold and colourful studies using a range of different approaches. Exploring the beautiful qualities of watercolour, a medium known for its transparency and inherent delicateness of handling, will inspire your response to both subject and medium.



Friday 27 June 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

The still life: ink BOOKED OUT

Be inspired by a rich array of edible seafood ingredients. Construct a still life that defies its name and becomes a luscious, tempting exploration of life. Using black and coloured inks, brushes, nibs and bamboo pens, you’ll learn how to exploit ink’s fluid and atmospheric qualities to construct a still life designed to appeal to all the senses.


Friday 18 July 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

The study of colour: theory and practice

We all experience and appreciate colour different. This workshop will extend your experience of colour’s subtlety while developing your sensitivity, judgement and understanding of colour and its properties. Through a range of colour-mixing experiences, you will complete complex colour charts, learning how to mix colours and how you can use them to design an interesting, successful colour palette. Working with abstract shapes and gouache paint, you will make studies that will be useful for future painting or design projects.



Friday 22 August 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

Dry point etching

This workshop includes a visit to the study room, an area of the Gallery that provides an up-close and personal viewing of a range of etchings by master artists. Using a 100-year-old printing press, you will discover why this medium is still so popular with contemporary artists. You’ll employ colour techniques and mono-printing in a unique range of mark-making and discover how this most traditional of printing practices can both reinvigorate and extend your own creative process.



Friday 26 September 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

Drawing hands and feet and mixing flesh colours BOOKED OUT

Make detailed studies using both master drawings and your own hands and/or feet as models. Then learn how colourful skin really is, as you experiment by mixing and painting flesh using acrylic paint, charcoal and pastel.


Friday 24 October 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm

Contemporary watercolour BOOKED OUT

Watercolour has the reputation for translucency, subtle colour and being hard to handle. Taking nature as the theme, this workshop exploits the beautiful, fluid properties for which this medium is renowned. By exploring contemporary approaches and extending traditional techniques, you will use bold, bright colour to make careful studies, contrasting with direct brush work, to showcase watercolour’s versatility.


Friday 21 November 2014 10:30am – 3:30pm