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	Photo by Jacquie Manning

All possible combinations

Kaldor Studio: with Nadia Odlum

All possible combinations is an interactive explosion of colours and shapes. For the third and final Kaldor Studio takeover, artist Nadia Odlum has responded to Sol LeWitt’s two Kaldor Public Art Projects with large wooden blocks in vibrant colours, angled mirrors and a wiggly black line that invites you to playfully explore the space.

Join the blocks to make new shapes and recombine the colours to create new patterns. It’s a puzzle with endless solutions and you’re invited to come and play.

Nadia Odlum is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Western Sydney. She creates immersive works that explore an intimate relationship with spatiality and urban architecture. Inspired by the abstract patterns and forms of the built environment, her work acts as a medium to reflect on how the body experiences space.

This event is presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects in partnership with the Art Gallery of NSW.

Photo by Jacquie Manning

Daily during Gallery opening hours
21 December 2019 - 16 February 2020


No bookings required

Duration 7 hours
Location: Contemporary galleries

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