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Absolute beginners 2020

Monthly workshops

This series of workshops is designed for the absolute beginner to learn some fundamental art-making skills. Focusing on building basic, practical skills, you will learn techniques specific to a medium, while also studying how other artists have used the medium in the past. You take home a finished artwork at the end of the class.

This series will offer glimpses into artists’ ways of seeing and provide you with the practical knowledge to make new discoveries. Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning and reinforcing/refreshing basic art-making skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

Various Fridays and Saturdays in 2020, 1pm
See listing for details

$65 non-member
$55 member
per workshop

Bookings and enquiries: 02 9225 1878

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Fourteen (14) days’ notice is required to qualify for a refund. All refunds attract an administration charge of 25% of the ticket price with a minimum charge of $5. With subscription tickets, there are no refunds for single sessions, unless a session is cancelled. This is non-negotiable. To enquire about a refund, email or call 02 9225 1878 or visit the members lounge.

Duration 3 hours
Location: Members lounge

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Faber Castell

Drawing, exploring the basics BOOKED OUT

In this workshop you will be introduced to mark-making and basic drawing techniques. Experiment with the versatile qualities of pencils and graphite and experiment with tone, texture and composition. Learn to see and interpret simple objects to create a simple still life. This class is for beginners and those who would like to refresh the basics.


Friday 14 February 2020 1pm – 4pm

Saturday 15 February 2020 1pm – 4pm

Drawing with colour

Continuing with the still life theme, enjoy the challenge of adding colour to your composition. With the same versatile qualities of lead pencil drawing, coloured pencils will add an extra challenge. You will be guided through simple techniques to help you explore the range and versatility of colour pencils.



Friday 20 March 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 21 March 2020 1pm – 4pm


Charcoal is a popular medium for many artists. Artists enjoy it’s versatile qualities and are able to create rich depths of tone and contrasts. Charcoal has the range to help you create sensitive and detailed drawings as well as daring and dramatic marks for more expressive gestural drawings. Experiment with charcoal’s many creative possibilities.



Friday 3 April 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 4 April 2020 1pm – 4pm

The basic colour wheel

This workshop introduces you to basic colour theory by isolating colour from the creative experience into a practical exercise. By painting your own colour wheel, you will learn how to mix colour, adjust colour values, see colour relationships and control colour. You will experience the subtleties of seeing colour in all its complexity, and begin to understand how it operates, so that you can use it in any medium with confidence.



Friday 22 May 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 23 May 2020 1pm – 4pm

Acrylic painting

In this class you will be introduced to painting with acrylics. You will learn about brushes, paint application and mediums. Starting with thumb nail sketches you will design your painting by choosing a considered composition. You will learn how to see tonal relationships, and colour mixing which will be applied to a small still life.



Friday 19 June 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 20 June 2020 1pm – 4pm

Watercolour I

Watercolour is a popular medium used extensively by artists for its fluid transparency and free flowing nature. This month we will learn some basic watercolour techniques, brush control and mark-making. You will complete a colour chart before starting your own work and Brenda will assist by demonstrating various techniques. Building up confidence with a series of exercises, a playful fun approach is encouraged.



Friday 17 July 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 18 July 2020 1pm – 4pm

Watercolour II

Following on from last month we continue our exploration of watercolour. Enjoy experimenting with simple exercises to build your confidence. Looking at examples of different artists’ approaches to the medium, Brenda will demonstrate glazing and layering techniques. You will complete an experimental composition inspired by both new techniques and artists you have studied today.

While this class is a follow on from the July workshop, it is not a pre-requisite.



Friday 21 August 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 22 August 2020 1pm – 4pm

Chalk pastel

Chalk pastel is a versatile medium with which you can draw, smudge, blend and rub back. The perfect medium for exploring colour and tonal qualities. Looking at how artists have used pastels, particularly the work of Degas, famous for his pastel drawings, we make studies of his technique and apply this technique to simple objects.



Friday 18 September 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 19 September 2020 1pm – 4pm

Lino printing

You will make your own design from a drawing of your choice and learn how to translate this into a black and white lino print series that can be hand coloured. You will be taught registration, plate preparation and how to safely and effectively cut the block. We will experiment using a range of papers, so that you can continue printing at home. Visual resources will be provided, but please bring some images of your own if you wish.



Friday 16 October 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 17 October 2020 1pm – 4pm

Drawing the landscape

We will study and analyse drawings and paintings by Australian landscape artists. Working from photos and images, we will discuss some traditional strategies used to understand and construct a traditional landscape. We will learn how to see and simplify the landscape, by using viewing frames to make quick thumb nail sketches. You will choose some examples to make a series of small copies in lead and coloured pencil using a limited palette, in order to understand how other artists have applied some of these strategies and techniques to convey the landscape.



Friday 20 November 2020 1pm – 4pm


Saturday 21 November 2020 1pm – 4pm