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Thursday 19 July 2018


The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes is an annual exhibition eagerly anticipated by artists and audiences alike.


until 4 Nov 2018

Fantasy, dark humour and a strong sense of theatre characterise this display of works from the Gallery’s collection.

earthly pleasures and heavenly realms

until 2019

Now in its second stage, this exhibition presents moments of joy from the Gallery’s collection of Asian art from the first century to the present.

Henry VR

until 9 Sep 2018

Journey deep inside a Tudor painting to explore the hidden life of a king’s portrait, and the workshop of the artists who created it.

Hold still
the photographic performance

until 29 Jul 2018

Drawn from the Gallery’s collection, this exhibition examines the way a camera turns any subject into a performer and any scenario into a theatrical act.

Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2018

until 21 Oct 2018

Presents new work by Australian artists that find a connection between drawing and the moving image.

Spacemakers and roomshakers
installations from the collection

until 21 Oct 2018

Become a ‘space explorer’ and experience some of the most immersive and expansive artworks in the Gallery’s collection.


until Aug 2018

A display of contemporary abstract paintings from the Gallery’s collection, focusing on unconventional and experimental approaches to the age-old discipline of painting.