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Art is you

Ateny Majok in front of Helen Eager’s VIF 2010

Explaining why art is important can be a slippery task for even the most eloquent speaker. Today, at the launch of the Gallery’s new education initiative – State Street Learning for Life – an inspiring young student captured everyone’s attention.

In her speech, Ateny Majok, a Year 12 student and vice captain of Doonside Technology High School, read a poem she had written, defining what art meant to her:

Art is quite ambiguous, it defines itself
Art is beauty, a creation of knowledge
Art is freedom, it roves and travels
Art is love, in fulfilment and compassion
Art is life, everywhere you turn
Art is happiness but also death
Art is language, since from birth
Art is growing, twisting and curving
Art is gold, which brings a unique quality
Art is meaningful, deepens within our hearts
And last but not least
Art is you, the only person you know

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March 25 2014, 3pm
by Sheona White
Head of public programs (until August 2014)