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  • An interview with Julian Rosefeldt

    We spoke with artist Julian Rosefeldt to find out more about the process of creating ‘Manifesto’, his new video installation featuring Cate Blanchett, and about the rich history of manifestos.

    2 years ago, by Justin Paton

  • Triangles are your friend

    In 2007, the New York painter Rebecca Morris published a memorable manifesto for abstract painters. A spirited and funny call to arms, it included such lines as ‘Whip out the masterpieces’, ‘When in doubt, spray paint it gold’, ‘If you can’t stop, don’t stop’, ‘Don’t shoot blanks’ and ‘Triangles are your friend’.

    4 years, 1 month ago, by Justin Paton

  • Eye-poppers

    ‘Are you sure about “eye-popping”?’ The question came up in the office last week, as we finalised the wall texts for a new show of 11 abstract works in the entrance court. Was there, perhaps, a more official-sounding term – something less slangy, more art-historical?

    4 years, 1 month ago, by Justin Paton

  • Rallying

    Scenes from day one of the Nike Savvas installation here in the Gallery's entrance court. Ten thousand strips of colour up, only fifty thousand to go...

    4 years, 1 month ago, by Justin Paton

Justin Paton
Head curator of international art