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Update from the Gallery regarding COVID-19

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is open. We are observing strict physical distancing and hygiene measures to protect the health of visitors and staff and minimise the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Read the latest visit information, including hours

  • Not only for fairies: Andy Warhol's books

    The young Andy Warhol made books for pleasure as well as self-promotion, helping him make his name as one of the most talented illustrators of his day.

    3 years, 6 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Who's that artist in the window?

    Before pop, Andy Warhol created window displays for some of New York’s leading stores. He wasn't alone. As he once recalled, ‘Everybody… was doing window decoration.’

    3 years, 7 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Meet the admen

    In the 1950s, before pop art and celebrity, Andy Warhol was an adman, working as a commercial illustrator in New York’s advertising industry.

    3 years, 7 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Nude encounters

    When you come to see 'Nude: art from the Tate collection', you’ll encounter some works in the show that aren’t, in fact, from the Tate.

    3 years, 9 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • It’s one hell of a story

    It may be one of the world’s greatest representations of erotic love but Auguste Rodin’s ‘The kiss’ began life in hell.

    3 years, 9 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • If you leave me, can I come too?

    There are a couple of couples in 'Nude: art from the Tate collection' that are startlingly alone, speaking to us about their prior relationship with another who has gone.

    3 years, 9 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Just the two of us

    The lovers Paola and Francesca, stars of the Auguste Rodin’s 'The kiss', may be the celebrity couple in 'Nude: art from the Tate collection', but there are a number of other couples in the exhibition – both fictional and real – I’d like to introduce you to.

    3 years, 10 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • The journey of 'The kiss' part 2

    Rejected, neglected, forced to live with horses and covered by a tarpaulin, 'The kiss' was slow in taking its rightful place as a modernist masterpiece.

    3 years, 11 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • The journey of 'The kiss'

    When we think about the world’s greatest sculptures, Auguste Rodin’s glorious 'The kiss' is right up there: in fact, it often tops the pops of favourite sculptures internationally. The trouble is, we have to travel halfway round the globe to see it. But not this summer...

    3 years, 11 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • It started with a kiss

    Feel like making a long-term plan for your art historical edification (or just getting in a little background)? Well, right now the Art Gallery of NSW has a ‘Great’ with us that is worth checking out not only for its own sake but as a comparison piece to a rather wonderful visitor due here later this year.

    4 years, 8 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Ghosts in the walls

    If you’re a regular Gallery visitor, you might have a sense of déjà vu at times or pick up on a subtle haunting. Some of this sensation might be the result of a mental amalgam of overlaid images and spaces. But you may be picking up on a little-known fact: there are works within the walls.

    4 years, 10 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    At this time of year when we’re all stuffed like stockings fit to burst with consumables, it may be timely to reflect on the work of one of the most kookily radical artists of the last century, Dieter Roth.

    4 years, 10 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • The price of change

    Thanks to the generosity of some private collectors, the Gallery has on display several works by Zhang Xiaogang, one of the world's great observers of human nature.

    4 years, 11 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Chalking one up to the public

    What would you do if you came across human-sized pieces of chalk lying on the sidewalk? Would you pick one up and draw, or write what’s on your mind? Well, on Saturday 10 October 2015, that’s exactly what a whole host of Sydneysiders did.

    4 years, 11 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Caring for the ancestors

    An exquisite pair of 18th-century Chinese portraits is on display after some seriously challenging conservation treatment that tested the mettle of the Gallery's head of Asian art conservation.

    4 years, 12 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • A Stella return

    Anyone notice a nine-metre long, boldly striped painting miraculously appear in the Gallery last week? The work by Frank Stella is a collection favourite – so where has it been?

    5 years ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Gorilla tactics

    Would you avoid cake for the sake of anonymity? No, nor would I but it seems the Guerrilla Girls, those masked avengers of feminism, chose to forgo eating a cake celebrating their 30th birthday as it meant having to remove their masks in public! Now that is commitment to the cause.

    5 years ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Forty-two-year-old psychedelic bread

    It's been 42 years this week since Miralda’s 8.5-metre-long table of dyed breads, created with local bakers, was first shown in the Gallery’s entrance court. Today, you can see some of those very same loaves on display.

    5 years, 1 month ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • The Larter gifts

    Seems like generosity is contagious. Following the death of his wife Pat, celebrated painter Richard Larter gifted some of his paintings to friends in her memory. Now, one of those people has generously 're-gifted' one of those works to the Gallery.

    5 years, 1 month ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Mailing out news on Pat Larter

    Pat Larter's archive is now housed at the Art Gallery of NSW. Don’t be fooled – these are not dry clinical documents with little life left in them, but rather a rich treasure from a leading figure in the international mail art movement.

    5 years, 1 month ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • What’s behind the wall?

    When you enter the exhibition 'Seven artists from the John Kaldor Family Collection', you may think we haven’t finished installing. There’s an element in the work of artist Daniel von Sturmer that confounds expectations and spatial understanding, while revealing some interesting aspects of the inner workings of major galleries.

    5 years, 2 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Art Stuff: our blog

    Are you a subscriber to the Art Gallery of NSW blog? Not yet a subscriber? Well, either way, we all agreed ‘Blog’ is not such a great name for a blog. A bit like ‘Newspaper’ for a newspaper.

    5 years, 3 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Fiona Hall in Venice

    For those of you encountering the new acquisition 'Fool’s gold' at the Gallery and wondering why the name rings bells, the artist Fiona Hall has been popping up all over news services in recent weeks as Australia’s representative at the Venice Biennale.

    5 years, 3 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Seeing politics with an artist’s eye: Ben Quilty and Henri Matisse

    What do you think of when you think of political art? It's not likely to be bright colours and decoration, lots of dancing, and paper collage. It takes a political artist to recognise the politics of another, as we learnt when Ben Quilty spoke about Henri Matisse.

    5 years, 3 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Bonnard and Kapoor in Paris...and Sydney

    If you're heading to Paris soon, you can catch exhibitions of works by Pierre Bonnard and Anish Kapoor. If you can't make it, come in now to the Gallery to see striking pieces by both artists.

    5 years, 4 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Who is Guido Valdez?

    A most captivating character has recently taken up residence in the Gallery’s Contemporary Galleries, migrating to Sydney we’re told for a season of rest and recreation. Watch out, Guido Valdez is here and he’s dressed to party. But who is this new man about town?

    5 years, 4 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

  • Encountering Grayson Perry

    The first time I saw Grayson Perry I didn’t see Grayson, I saw Claire. Like millions of others on news services worldwide I watched Claire, the British artist’s alter-ego, accept his 2003 Turner Prize in full party dress – that is, in full child, female child’s, party dress.

    5 years, 5 months ago, by Jackie Dunn

Jackie Dunn
Special exhibitions curator