Archibald Prize 2018 children’s trail

Amber Boardman has depicted herself sitting in a bath wearing a face mask and a towel on her head.

Notice all of the objects in the bathroom that are associated with wellness and relaxation.

Count the following things:

  • drinks
  • pictures
  • candles
  • books
  • paintbrushes

Imagine a name and design a label for a new scented candle to help Amber relax.

At home, sketch or draw yourself relaxing, surrounded by objects that reveal your hobbies and how you like to unwind.

Yvette Coppersmith was inspired by the style of the Australian artist George Lambert to paint this self-portrait. She decided to wear elegant clothing, just like the women who appear in his paintings.

Look at the attention to detail in the texture of her coat and the draped fabric in the background.

Imagine where Yvette could be.

Create a place that suits her elegant style.

At home, sit in front of a mirror and create a self-portrait in the style of your favourite artist.

Pei Pei He has used hundreds of little brushstrokes in shades of grey and black in this
portrait of art collector Theodore Wohng.

Spot how the different brushstrokes have been used to create the features of his face and the texture of his hair.

Sketch someone and use lines, dashes and marks to build up the detail.

At home, experiment with shades of grey and black ink or paint to create a portrait of someone you know.

Blak Douglas sees the printmaker Uncle Roy Kennedy as a mentor and grandfather-figure so he painted this large portrait of him.

Notice how Blak Douglas has made Roy’s face look like a print to show how much he admires Roy’s style of art.

Who do you look up to?

Draw a picture of them or write about why they are so special to you.

At home, experiment with thick paint and stuck on images to create a portrait of someone you admire.

Paul Jackson has painted a historical-style portrait of the actor Alison Whyte. She is wearing a large lace collar, or ruff, so she looks a bit like Elizabeth I, an English queen
from long ago.

Look at the intricate detail in the collar, the colours reflected in it and how it casts light on Alison’s face.

Who do admire from history?

Draw a self-portrait as if you are that person. What will you wear?

At home, explore how fashion has changed over time and draw some of your favourite styles.

Julian Meagher has used thin washes of paint, layering colours to build up the details and textures in this portrait of the writer Richard Flanagan.

Spot the galah sitting on Richard’s hand and how the pink colour of its feathers are reflected in Richard’s face.

Invent a new background for Richard and Herb. Where will you place them?

At home, experiment with thin washes of paint to create paintings of birds or feathers.

Dee Smart has painted a humorous portrait of the dancer Meryl Tankard at a picnic. Meryl is wearing one of her dance costumes and a pair of undies on her head to keep the flies away.

Notice her elegant hands. What type of sandwich is she holding?

Draw some more delicious picnic food for Meryl to enjoy.

At home, design some new dance clothes for Meryl to wear. What colours will you use?