7 Nov 2020 – 14 Feb 2021

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Arthur Streeton, 'Still glides the stream, and shall for ever glide' 1890. Art Gallery of New South Wales. Purchased 1890.

Delve into the art and life of Arthur Streeton. Join our curators on an audio tour, access the exhibition labels or watch a newly released documentary to find out why Streeton’s paintings captured an important moment in Australia’s history.

About the Streeton exhibition

Arthur Streeton’s remarkable evocations of light, land and sea are among the most highly regarded and popular paintings in Australian art. His sun-drenched impressionist landscapes from the 1880s, joyful depictions of Sydney beaches and harbour in the 1890s, and expansive pastoral scenes from the 1920s and 1930s continue to shape an image of our unique environment for many Australians.

Streeton features these much-loved paintings while enriching this narrative with an extensive group of works brought together from Streeton’s 25 years painting internationally in Egypt, England, Italy, and on the battlefields of France during the First World War.

The deep concern Streeton had for the preservation of our natural environment in the last two decades of his life is expressed directly in paintings that lament the logging of old-growth forests. We continue to grapple with the same conservation issues almost a century on.

This is the first Streeton retrospective in 25 years and the most comprehensive since his 1931 lifetime survey at the Art Gallery of NSW. Streeton presents more than 150 works from 42 public and private collections, some not exhibited for more than a century.

Now and then

Now and then: what’s changed since Arthur Streeton painted Sydney 130 years ago?

By Helen Pitt
Sydney Morning Herald
OCTOBER 30, 2020

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Streeton audio guide

Hear curators Wayne Tunnicliffe, Deborah Mimmocchi, Hannah Hutchinson and Nick Yelverton discuss Streeton’s key artworks in this audio described tour

Streeton audio guide