Masters of modern sound

Thursday 10 - Saturday 12 January 2019 Doors open at 8pm

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Artwork: Wassily Kandinsky, 'Landscape: Dünaberg near Murnau', 1913 (detail), Inv GE 9098, The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg. Photo © The State Hermitage Museum 2018, Vladimir Terebenin. Photo: Marian Abboud.

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Doors open at 8pm

Live Set

Chris Abrahams
Entrance Court, 8.30–9.15pm

Corin Ileto, Becky Sui Zhen and Casey Hartnett
Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage, 8:45–9:15pm
Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage, 9:30–10:00pm*

Del Lumanta
19th c Australian Art, 9:15–9:45pm
19th c Australian Art, 10:00–10:30pm*

Caterina Barbieri
20th & 21st c Australian Art, 9:30–10:15pm

William Basinski and Lawrence English
Entrance Court, 10:30–11:30pm

Audio set

Dean Hurley
Sound lounge, 8:00–10:30pm
Vestibule, 8:00–8:30pm
Entrance Court, 8:00–8:30pm
Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage, 8:00–8:45pm
Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage, 10:00–10:30pm

Force Majeure set

Performance 1: Entrance Court, 8:00–8:30pm
Performance 2: Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage, 9:15–9:30pm
Performance 3: Roaming across the Gallery, 9:30–10:15pm
Performance 4: Entrance Court, 10:15–10:30pm

* Repeat performance


Dean Hurley
throughout the evening

Sound lounge, 8:00-10:30pm Vestibule, 8:00-8:30pm Masters of modern art from the Hermitage, 8:15-8:45pm Masters of modern art from the Hermitage, 10:00-10:30pm Dean Hurley is an American sound designer and composer. Hurley has collaborated extensively with filmmaker David Lynch on the sound and music for his films, commercial work and albums. In 2017, Hurley released 'Anthology Resource Vol. I', which featured sound and music from the 2017 series 'Twin Peaks: The Return' (Showtime). Hurley has created a series of new site-specific compositions that can be heard throughout the night.


Chris Abrahams
Entrance court, 8:30–9.15pm

Chris Abrahams is a Sydney-based pianist best known for his work with Australian trio 'The Necks'. Abrahams has also been a member of the Benders and Laughing Clowns. His latest release 'Fluid to the Influence' was released in 2016 on Lawrence English’s influential Australian label Room40. For this evening’s event, Abrahams will perform a new durational solo piano work.


Corin Ileto, Sui Zhen and Casey Hartnett
Masters of modern art from the Hermitage, 8:45–9:15pm
Masters of modern art from the Hermitage, 9:30–10:00pm*

*Repeat performance Corin Ileto, Sui Zhen and Casey Hartnett are a Melbourne-based trio who produce, compose and perform contemporary classical and electronic music for live events, performance art and digital platforms. Tonight, they will perform newly-commissioned electronic music inside the exhibition 'Masters of modern art from the Hermitage'—conceived as a live score for the artwork.


Del Lumanta
19th century Australian galleries, 9:15-9:45pm
19th century Australian galleries, 10:00–10:30pm*

*Repeat performance Del Lumanta is an artist and musician from Western Sydney. Their ambient music is a meditation on modern restlessness. Their other music projects include GAS, Call Compatible, Video Ezy (Paradise Daily), Skyline (Nice Music) and Basic Human (Meatspin). Tonight, Lumanta will perform minimal electronics in the 19th century Australian Galleries.


Caterina Barbieri
20th & 21st century Australian galleries, 9:30–10:15pm

Caterina Barbieri is an Italian composer who explores themes related to machine intelligence and object-oriented perception in sound. Primarily working with modular synthesizers and strings, Barbieri has performed extensively throughout Europe and the UK. Her second album 'Born Again in Voltage' (Important Records) was released in September 2018 to critical acclaim. For 'Masters of modern sound', Barbieri will perform in the 20th and 21st century Australian Galleries.


William Basinski and Lawrence English
Entrance court, 10:30–11:30pm

Lawrence English is a Brisbane-based composer, artist and curator. His work is broadly concerned with the politics of perception, specifically the nature of listening and sound’s capability to occupy the body.  In 2018 English released two full-length collaborative albums: one with Alessandro Cortini (Italy), the other with William Basinski (USA). English and Basinski will close the event performing their album 'Selva Oscura' in full. William Basinski is a Los Angeles-based avant-garde composer best known for his four-volume album 'The Disintegration Loops' (2002–2003), constructed from decaying twenty-year-old tapes of his earlier music. A classically-trained clarinettist and jazz saxophonist, he began developing his own vocabulary using tape loops and old reel-to-reel tape decks. 'Selva Oscura' (2018) is Basinski’s first collaborative release with long-time friend, Australian musician Lawrence English. They will perform it in full for 'Masters of modern sound'.


Force Majeure
throughout the evening

Performance 1: Entrance court, 8:00-8:30pm Performance 2: Masters of modern art from the Hermitage, 9:15-9:30pm Performance 3: Roaming across the Gallery, 9:30-10:15pm Performance 4: Entrance court, 10:15-10:30pm Led by Artistic Director Danielle Micich, Force Majeure produces critically acclaimed dance theatre to explore and question contemporary culture. Using our unique blend of storytelling and movement, we create unforgettable theatrical experiences to reflect Australian life in all its diversity, igniting curiosity in audiences, and inspiration in artists.   Performers include: Ghenoa Gela - Koedal (crocodile) and waumer (frigate bird) woman Ghenoa Gela is a Sydney-based independent artist and proud Torres Strait islander woman from Rockhampton, central Queensland. She works across dance, circus, television and stage, and facilitates community-based workshops. She has been part of Young, Black & Deadly, Vibe Alive, the inaugural Boomerang Festival, and DanceSite Festival (2012/2015). Harrison Elliott – Elliot studied dance at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and was a member of STEPS Youth Dance Company for 8 years, touring internationally. He has worked with choreographers such as Shona Erskine, Alice Lee Holland, Isabella Stone and Ruth Osborne. In 2017, he joined Australian Dance Theatre as a company dancer. James Vu Anh Pham – From Perth, Pham started with hip-hop and contemporary dance classes before training in classical ballet at the Graduate College of Dance (Western Australia). He then joined STEPS Youth Dance Company before continuing studies at the New Zealand School of Dance. In 2014, Pham received a Helpmann Award for his performance in Chunky Move’s '247 Days' and an Australian Dance Award for AORTA.

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6. Cake pops, popping candy

7. Raspberry profiteroles, white chocolate, pistachio

$7 each / $18 for 3

1. Young Henry’s beers + ciders $11

2. Young Henry’s Gin & Tonic $12


Art Gallery of New South Wales

Director Michael Brand
Deputy Director & Director of Collections Maud Page

Masters of Modern Sound

Creative Producer Jonathan Wilson
Executive Producer Heather Whitely Robertson
Audio Production Laurence Hall & Mark Taylor
Lighting Kane Hancock

Force Majeure

Artistic Director Danielle Micich
Executive Producer Colm O’Callaghan

Masters of modern art from the Hermitage

Exhibition Curator Dr Mikhail Dedinkin, Deputy Head, Western European Art Department (State Hermitage Museum)