Brett Whiteley

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Brett Whiteley, '(Palm tree, Bali)', 1976, Brett Whiteley Studio Collection © Wendy Whiteley
Brett Whiteley, '(Palm tree, Bali)', 1976


Using coloured paper, make four small collages that depict the following landscapes: tropical, alpine, desert and marine. Let the colour combinations convey your intentions rather than literal imagery. Compare your responses with the rest of the group and note similarities and differences.

Create a painted landscape seen from an aerial view. Use a limited palette and layer your paint. Use a variety of tools to apply the paint and create different surface textures and marks.

What is your personal definition of a landscape? Compare your definition to one in a dictionary. Look at the landscape around you. Describe what you see to a classmate and ask them to draw the landscape from only your description. Has their image captured what you see?