Brett Whiteley

Brett Whiteley at Raper Street studio, 1986. Photo © Gerrit Fokkema

WHITELEY trailer

The award-winning feature documentary WHITELEY was released in 2017. Directed by James Bogle and Produced by Sue Clothier, it is a visual journey into the artist’s private life and creative legacy, told 'in his own words’ using personal letters, notebooks and photographs, interwoven with reconstructions, animations, archival interviews and rare footage. Because the documentary contains recordings and reconstructions of Brett discussing his own life, work and artistic practice, we can gain deep insights into the mind of the artist.

Wendy Whiteley on the life and work of Brett Whiteley

Wendy Whiteley, the artist’s model and wife for over three decades, shares her recollections of Brett’s life and works in conversation with Wayne Tunnicliffe, head of Australian art, and talks in particular about the artist’s masterpiece, 'Self portrait in the studio’ 1976.

Length: 33:42

Good Pitch/Brett Whiteley Art Board

This Brett Whiteley Art Board has been made possible with the generous support of Good Pitch Australia (a partnership between Shark Island Institute and Documentary Australia Foundation). We acknowledge our philanthropic partners:

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Brett Whiteley Studio

The Brett Whiteley Studio provides a unique space to gain a personal insight into Australian painter Brett Whiteley. Exhibitions of the artist’s work as well as displays of the artist’s sketchbooks, materials, personal memorabilia and music reveal his inspirations and illustrate his art practice.