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jpg Be part of our modern movement workshop

jpg leftprojects perform their electronic-hip-hop at the Gallery

jpg Watch 'The mirror' as part of the 'Cosmic futures' film series

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Inspired by our exhibition Masters of modern art from the Hermitage, explore modern art movements through dance! Led by Force Majeure’s Danielle Micich, this week move in the style of fauvism inspired by Matisse and Vlaminck. Catch a film as part of our Cosmic futures series or later on in the night, catch leftprojects as they bring their electronic-hip-hop sound to the Gallery.

16 January 2019


Brett Whiteley
drawing is everything

15 Dec 2018 – 31 Mar 2019

Chinese bible
revolution and art in China

3 Nov 2018 – 28 Apr 2019

Judy Watson
the edge of memory

10 Nov 2018 – 17 Mar 2019

Masters of modern art from the Hermitage

13 Oct 2018 – 3 Mar 2019

Melanesian art: redux

17 Nov 2018 – 17 Feb 2019

Noŋgirrŋa Marawili
from my heart and mind

3 Nov 2018 – 24 Feb 2019

the abstract sublime

17 Nov 2018 – 17 Feb 2019

William Kentridge
that which we do not remember

8 Sep 2018 – 24 Mar 2019

Yona Lee
in transit (double-function form)

22 Oct 2018 – 17 Feb 2019

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