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Join us for tonight’s timely and topical talk. In response to the Biennale artwork Shanty-tower by Tamás Kaszás, Professor Anthony Burke will consider the pressing issues this work raises for our society. Hear his musings on the global trends of urban expansion, overdevelopment, overpopulation and the creation of ‘megacities’, and find out what he predicts for the city of Sydney. You can also hear more about the Biennale artwork by Nathan Coley in our Sydney Students Speak program tonight.

21 May 2014


19th Biennale of Sydney
You Imagine What You Desire

21 Mar – 9 Jun 2014

hidden treasures from the National Museum, Kabul

7 Mar – 15 Jun 2014


28 Feb – 29 Sep 2014

In the flesh
Picasso, Bacon, Freud, Soutine

12 Apr – 22 Jun 2014

Khadim Ali
The haunted lotus

6 Mar – 1 Jun 2014

Nike Savvas

18 Mar – 21 Sep 2014

Sol LeWitt
Your mind is exactly at that line

20 Feb – 3 Aug 2014

The hills beyond Hermannsburg

22 Mar – 2 Jun 2014

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