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a view inside Entrance court

The entrance court extends from the vestibule to the function space, overlooking Woolloomooloo.

Currently on show in Entrance court

Kay Rosen
Map of the world

until 12 Apr 2015

Coming soon to Entrance court

Go east
Gene and Brian Sherman Contemporary Asian Art Collection

14 May – 26 Jul 2015

19th c Australian art 19th & 20th c European art 19th c European art 15th–19th c European art Ticketing and information desk Entrance court Cloaking Vestibule Restaurant Function space Upper Asian gallery Gallery Shop Front of the Gallery 20th & 21st c Australian art Lowy, Gonski Gallery


Head through the vestibule into the entrance court

Accessible directions

  1. Take the lift (on your left) up one level, to “G”
  2. Turn right into the entrance court