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a view inside Upper Asian gallery

The pavilion housing this gallery is a floating white glass-and-steel cube, pivoted with stainless-steel lotus flowers. Cantilevered on top of the original Asian gallery, it glows softly at night like a paper lantern over Sydney Harbour.

In the past, this space has also housed the Edward and Goldie Sternberg Gallery of Southeast Asian Art.

Coming soon to Upper Asian gallery

One hundred aspects of the moon

20 Aug – 20 Nov 2016

View collection works on display in Upper Asian gallery

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  1. Head towards the rear of the Gallery
  2. Take the ramp (on your right) up to the Asian gallery

Accessible directions

  1. Take the lift (on your left) up one level, to “G”
  2. Turn right into the entrance court and head towards the front of the Gallery
  3. Take the ramp (on your left) up to the Asian gallery