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a view inside 20th & 21st c Australian art

On display is a selection of works from the Gallery’s collection of Australian art, from colonial to contemporary – one of the finest in the country.

Some of the Gallery’s most famous and popular works of art are presented in new contexts alongside recent acquisitions and numerous works brought out of storage for the first time in years. Works across all media – paintings, sculpture, photography, video and prints – are included.

Currently on show in 20th & 21st c Australian art

My trip
Micky Allan, Max Pam, Jon Rhodes

until 7 Dec 2014

View collection works on display in 20th & 21st c Australian art

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  1. Turn left just before the ticketing and information desk

Accessible directions

  1. Take the lift (on your left) up one level, to G
  2. Turn right into the entrance court and head towards the front of the Gallery
  3. Turn right just after the ticketing and information desk