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a view inside 20th & 21st c Australian art

The spaces dedicated to Australian art of the 20th and 21st century will be closed from 1 December 2014 due to building works, and will re-open in 2015 on a date to be advised. The exhibition My trip remains open until 7 December. The Gallery apologises for any inconvenience.

Please note that during the initial December changeover, the website may show some individual artworks as being 'on display’ when they are not. This information will be updated as soon as possible.

View collection works on display in 20th & 21st c Australian art

19th c Australian art 19th & 20th c European art 19th c European art 15th–19th c European art Ticketing and information desk Entrance court Cloaking Vestibule Restaurant Function space Upper Asian gallery Gallery Shop Front of the Gallery 20th & 21st c Australian art Lowy, Gonski Gallery


  1. Turn left just before the ticketing and information desk

Accessible directions

  1. Take the lift (on your left) up one level, to G
  2. Turn right into the entrance court and head towards the front of the Gallery
  3. Turn right just after the ticketing and information desk